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“Celebrate Love!!

Like vogue,

it’s always in.”

(From writing an article on marriage & the founder’s own reflection on love.)

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ION Television Presents the Best of Southern California featuring

Let’s Plan It Together

Let’s Plan It Together is breaking new grounds when it comes to how creative and fun wedding planning and consulting are done in our technology & social media-driven world. Gathering the benefits of expertly utilizing these amazing tools to put money back into their clients’ events or honeymoon trips or simply back into their pockets is one of the company’s main goals.

Chris Tomlin on Reality Christian Magazine

Reality Christian, Chris Tomlin2

Weddings: A Great Celebration of Love. A very enlightening article written by Shirleen Finney, the founder of Let’s Plan It Together.

“Don’t be too quick to rule out hiring a professional wedding planning consultant because there truly is so much more that an experienced and well-rounded consultant can offer than one can imagine. In the end, to plan such an important event with no stress will preserve the love, joy and thrill throughout a bride and groom’s planning process as well as during and after their wedding day.”

Let’s Plan It Together and LA Dodger’s Clayton Kershaw

Reality Christian, Clayton Kershaw

Inspired by Clayton Kershaw’s wonderful faith-filled life, Let’s Plan It Together decided to support Reality Christian Magazine, which featured his story, and placed an Ad with them for the first time.

Let’s Plan It Together… A sensible approach to hiring your wedding planning consultant.

Let’s Plan It Together on Pasadena Weekly’s The Arroyo Weddings


It is extremely important to have reliable vendors to help you create that special day you have been dreaming about. And yes, it is not necessary to be buried in so much debt to do so. Begin with hiring a professional consultant whom you connect with and can offer you a service package that works with what you and your event need.

Let’s Plan It Together specializes in creative and effective wedding planning, with packages and fees that are sensible and affordable.