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What is Let’s Plan It Together?

Let’s Plan It Together is a WEDDING, SOCIAL and CORPORATE EVENTS Planning Consulting Company and a Design Concept Production House that gives brides and grooms a joyful and stress-free start to their marriages without the exorbitant fees associated with wedding planning & design and wedding consultants. We also deliver outstanding and successful events to our social and corporate clients.

With 18 years of top-notch experience in the hospitality/event planning industry plus a good-hearted solid mission in mind, our clients’ decision to trust us is easy to see – they know off-hand that this is a “non-zilla” zone because nobody would need to be when your event needs are handled flawlessly by fun, respectful and uber-talented consultants!


What makes it unique as a wedding, social and corporate event planning consulting company?

It is the hundred-little-important-details that make planning an event time-consuming, tedious and stressful. While it is easy to get a hold of a Wedding To-Do List, it is the actual “doing” that is a challenge (among other things) so we introduce clients, especially those who are inclined to plan their own events, to our engaging, fun and stress-free concept in wedding and event planning consulting & designs with experienced professionals.

The number one reason why clients choose to take on the load of planning their own events themselves is the COST of HIRING a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING CONSULTANT. In the end however, the stress that they go through for months does not set them up to have a joyful planning memories leading up to their special day. Let’s Plan It Together provides the option that alleviates clients’ financial stress with its SENSIBLE and AFFORDABLE planning fees (see Fees below).

We PLAN our clients’ events with them from START to FINISH including design concept, if needed, while making sure that along the way, their peace of mind and joy of planning are prioritized while we work together in achieving the kind of event they have in mind. ***We take the stress of the TECHNICAL part of the PLANNING off our clients’ minds as we plan with them and guide them through the THRILL of working together on their events’ CREATIVE, FUN and EXCITING aspects.

Further details are discussed during the complimentary consultation either in person, via phone, skype, or FaceTime. We use all of our advance communication technologies to make it easy for our clients to reach us and for us to reach them. This way, we are able to work together with ease in the next several months or even as long as a year or so. This is especially beneficial to our Out-of-Los Angeles-County and Out-of-State clients but is equally advantageous for anybody who just needs QUICK and EASY ACCESS to us at any point in our planning. Respect for our clients’ time and their convenience are important to us because they are valuable to them.


What are the different fee structures that OTHER wedding or social events planning consultants or coordinators go by in charging for their services?

According to the latest Cost of Wedding report, the Planner/Consultant fees in Los Angeles County are as follows (other Counties/States may be more or less):
Average Cost % of Couples $$$$
A La Carte Services $913 – $1,521 11% – 21% $1,826 – $2,434+
Day of Coordinator $748 – $1,246 18% – 28% $1,496 – $1,994+
For Getting Started $777 – $1,295 11% – 21% $1,554 – $2,072+
Full Service $2,962 – $4,936 16% – 26% $5,924 – $7,898+
Month of Direction $1,043 – $1,739 7% – 17% $2,087 – $2,782+
  • Average Cost is based on the spending of other couples getting married not wedding vendor prices
  • % of Couples = Percent of Couples that Spend Money on Wedding Planning/Consulting services
  • $$$$ = Spending for Well-experienced Professionals
  • Rates may be higher depending on the popularity of the Event Planning Consulting Company
  • Let’s Plan It Together company’s category is under “Well Experienced Professionals” BUT see our packages and fees that are tailored to assist clients in choosing a more financially practical and sensible approach to hiring their wedding planning partners.

What is the FEE structure that LET’S PLAN IT TOGETHER Offers? Why is it inexpensive and affordable?

We offer the following wedding and event planning consulting and day-of-event packages for our clients’ specific needs:
  • DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELF) WEDDING AND EVENT PLANNING CONSULTING – A $600.00 professional assistance at whatever planning stage you are in that includes a 3-hour personal meeting (with one and a half hours each time) where expert guidance, review and detailing of your existing plan, answers to your questions, trustworthy vendor recommendations, effective day-of-wedding timeline for a no-stress wedding day will be provided. A great option for couples with limited set budgets!
  • CPC PACKAGE – a $1,500.00 all-inclusive complete planning consulting package with design concept, if needed, that plans your event with you from start to finish. You will be amazed at how smooth and memorable your planning months will go by. The effect? You will get to your special day glowing, joyful and confident!
  • CPC WITH DAY-OF-EVENT PACKAGE – a $2,000.00 all-inclusive complete planning consulting package with design concept, if needed, that includes one (1) 8-hour day-of coordinator. This Combination Package has got it all! On your special day, you will have a 007 agent always 5 steps ahead making sure that the beautiful plan, with all its details, is executed seamlessly.
  • DAY-OF-EVENT-ONLY PACKAGE – a $1,000.00 day-of-event package that includes one (1) 8-hour day-of coordinator to manage vendor set-up and main event coordination; Vendor Information Guide Form; 2 weeks prior to the event date, a pre-event review meeting to go over clients’ planning details including vendor IGF; immediately after, coordinator to connect with clients’ hired vendors to re-confirm specific details and responsibilities of each vendor; send out final day-of-event timeline to appropriate vendors 2 days prior to the event; and a wrap-up/update information will be provided to the clients and appropriate vendors, as needed, within the same 2 weeks. This will ensure peace of mind for everyone involved with the event as well as instill great confidence with execution.

**A second day-of coordinator may be added at $500.00, if needed or requested. Tip on Saving Money: A second day-of coordinator, usually requested for the events with separate locations for the ceremony, is typically not needed with the kind of DETAILED PLANNING we produce. This is particularly true for events with 150 guests or less but we will always honor our clients’ requests.

We will however, require additional day-of coordinator/s depending on how large (over 150 guests) and intricate the event is.

**MISSION-DRIVEN: The founder of the company believes that clients should have access to highly trained and experienced event planning consultants that won’t sky rocket and blow their budgets, especially for brides and grooms or their parents.

We realize that if given an affordable and highly rated option, clients would not need to take a chance in planning their own events because hiring a wedding consultant or event consultant is no longer impractical.

Each social event carries its own unique and special touch but Weddings will always be such a special and much anticipated event in people’s lives. But just like anything of significance, much time, love and care, and attention to details must be present so stress cannot snatch the joy of planning leading up to The Day. And it will also help to remember that there are no retakes so perfection is the key.


Do I really need a planning consultant? Do I really need a wedding coordinator?

Your months of planning (and your life after the wedding) will be so much more joyful. And to be honest, we can’t all be experts on everything as we all know. Planning such a special event in one’s life needs a professional who does this for a living and have dealt with different situations that gives such an advantage in avoiding costly, not to mention extremely stressful and emotional, mistakes. You can try and read as many magazines and DIY (Do it Yourself) articles but what are the odds that you will miss some fairly significant details that are hidden in between layers of details? And what are the odds that at the end (or sometimes even during) of your event you will regret about either doing or not doing something? This is where it is important to have somebody you can go to with unbiased answers, calmness and your best interest at heart. One common joke out there is – “You cannot ask a magazine for clarifications.”


How important is it to work with a PLANNING CONSULTANT who has been in the hospitality and wedding, social and corporate planning business for many years and what makes Let’s Plan It Together trustworthy?

Planning a wedding, social or corporate events is all about details, knowledge, confidence, leadership, experience, service, familiarity, foresight/a keen sense of anticipation (with people, your surroundings and situations). Having all this is what separates a trustworthy professional planning consultant from the rest of those trying to plan events with limited background or after having read a book on planning or even taking some courses online (I say this very respectfully because there should always be a starting point for everyone). There is so much at stake (not just on the financial aspect but more so on the emotional side) and there are no re-takes whatsoever. As you go through our website, you can decide as to what kind of company you will be working with for your special day.


What about vendor recommendations? How does this work?

Our company policy is very clear. Staff cannot ask any vendors for any personal favors or engage in what is commonly known as “kick-backs” or “quid quo pro” in order for them to be on our Vendor List or be one of the highly recommended vendors to our clients. This policy is important to the integrity of the referral process in keeping everything honest which benefits our clients greatly. Some of the vendors we recommend have had prior great working relationships with us and the vendors we have not had the opportunity to work with get vetted first before getting on our official Vendor List.

Vetted means they have been interviewed, asked for credentials or references, checked out for reviews and whenever possible depending on their location, had been personally visited in their offices or stores or even at actual events they are working in. We would recommend vendors upon clients’ request. If our clients have their own vendors in mind, we make sure that we provide them with pointers as to how to proceed in interviewing and/or hiring them. We are confident with our recommendations. The clients then make the final determination and/or decision as to which vendors they sign agreements with for their events.


Does it work for all types of wedding, social and corporate event clients?

Yes, for most events. With some exceptions like anything else. We usually determine these during the complimentary consultation. Typically, clients who are willing and prepared to pay in the tens of thousands of dollars for their planning consultants or coordinators may find that their types of events and what they require as a service would in fact be suited for such high cost.


Who are the clients who will benefit most from working with our company?

Anybody who would like to work with reliable, fun, supportive and talented professionals. Busy Brides and Grooms who value their time and realistic about their schedules and budgets (regardless of how well-off they are). Mothers and/or Fathers of the brides or grooms.

Clients who can appreciate assistance from a trusted planning partner in handling the hundred little but important details for them and yet enjoy experiencing the fun & creative parts of their planning process. HR directors, Office Managers and Executive Assistants who are inclined to plan their own events and Individuals tasked to plan social events by their non-profit organizations or committees.

Clients who will be thrilled to create great planning memories and remember important details and decisions they have made.


Why Should I Hire LPIT to Plan My Wedding or Social or Corporate Event?

If you have an opportunity to hire a professional planning consultant at a fraction of the cost, who could truly help you get to your event day in good spirits and in awe when you look back, knowing there were priceless advice and guidance you would not have otherwise thought of yourself that made your event a well thought-out memory for years to come, would you not grab that opportunity in a heartbeat?


How Does It Work?

Simple. We listen to you and internalize your thoughts so we can be an extension of you and your vision. As needed, we start with the design concept for your event at no additional cost. (Keep in mind that going to a floral and/or design vendor for a design work alone, generally will cost you a minimum of $1,000 to begin with). We have talented & experienced consultants and we are equipped with a lot of our own creative tools, materials as well as incredible vendor resources that allow for us to be effective in conceptualizing based on your ideas. We then proceed with putting together a professional plan based on what we both determine to be your specific event requirements. The end-result is a well thought-out, effective and beautiful plan for your event which set up your special day for success and a lifetime of priceless memories without that dreadful stress.


How Does It Work for Long Distance Planning?

This is absolutely cool and fascinating because it is the magic and efficiency of technology at its best that is at play. We follow the exact same process as noted above and have our clients log into a password-protected site especially created for them, that have all the different photos, colors, ideas and designs we gathered for their event. Clients can then add their own photos and we can discuss them interactively over the phone. Because we have a great network of trustworthy vendors all over, we can get our local team in place to deliver their piece of the plan. It is all about effective and detailed planning. Keep in mind too that these are vetted vendors because we will not risk our reputation by any means by not doing our due diligence with them.

Think about an architect’s plan for a house or even a building. It is all about the blueprint or simply put, the detailed drawing of the plan. An architect in California can prepare that blueprint and ship it to her client – say… to Italy and the local Italian team that the same architect had put in place to build will simply execute based on the detailed plan they have received and thoroughly gone over with the architect. That is the exact same mind frame we apply for our efficient and effective long distance planning except of course, with more exciting and creative spirit surrounding our process.